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eu escort nuru massasje stavanger

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By 1943, the term acronym had been used in English to recognize abbreviations (and contractions of phrases) that were pronounced as words. The widespread, frequent use of acronyms across the whole range of registers is a relatively new linguistic phenomenon in most languages, becoming increasingly evident since the mid-20th century. American Heritage Dictionary (5th.). However, the raison d'être of clinical trial acronyms, as with gene and protein symbols, is simply to have a syntactically usable and recallable short name to complement the long name that is often syntactically unusable and not memorized. With an acronym, the first letter of each word makes up a new word that is, in fact, pronounceable (for example, snafu is pronounced "sna-foo" and wombat is pronounced "wahm-bat." "acronym". Korea National University of Education Hanguk Gyowon Daehakgyo ) is shortened to Gyowondae "Big." or "Ed.-U. "Very deep multiply nested acronyms". American Telephone and Telegraph Company AT T). Oxford English Dictionary : initialism.


I Rough Fucked An Amateur Masseuse My Wife Cant Know. Archived from the original on August 22, 2010. In the case of most acronyms, each letter is an abbreviation of a separate word and, in theory, should get its own termination mark. "T vit tt" Abbreviations (in Vietnamese). "Users of the term acronym make no distinction between those pronounced as words. Acronyms are often distinguished from initialisms like FBI and NIH, whose individual letters are pronounced as separate syllables. The Hebrew Bible Old Testament is known as " Tanakh an acronym composed from the Hebrew initial letters of its three major sections: " Torah " (five books of Moses " Nevi'im " (prophets and " K'tuvim " (writings). Russian edit Acronyms that use parts of words (not necessarily syllables) are commonplace in Russian as well,.g. Often a writer will add an 's' following an apostrophe, as in "PC's". A classic example is "Member of Parliament which in plural is "Members of Parliament". eu escort nuru massasje stavanger

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